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LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set


Pick your favorite character and receive a package of surprises that are only of the character you know and love! This time, there are more affordable options!

Keep in mind that the higher the price, the more valuable items are!

Both sets will include a variety of different items. Sets B and C will include bonus items*, a small gift from LINE FRIENDS BOX to you.

These are the EARLY BIRD SALE** options for each character:

FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

*Both sets will include the same bonus items as gifts from LINE FRIENDS BOX

**EARLY BIRD SALE starts April 15, 2019 

***All prices are based on the LINE FRIENDS suggested US retail price


Is this a subscription box like LINE FRIENDS BOX?

No. The LINE FRIENDS BOX - BT21 Character Set is not a subscription. These sets will be limited edition and one-time only.

Are LINE FRIENDS BOX and LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set the same?

No. The original LINE FRIENDS BOX is a subscription and includes both BROWN&FRIENDS and BT21 items. The LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set will only include BT21 items.

Can I switch my subscription from LINE FRIENDS BOX to LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set?

LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set is not a subscription. Please refer to the LINE FRIENDS BOX FAQ page.

Is there a set with more than one character? Can I customize my own set?

These sets will only include the character that you choose. Customizing one set for multiple characters is not an option. If you want another character you’re going to have to order those separately.

Why does it say “package” and not "box"?

LINE FRIENDS BOX wants to be able to send you as many items as possible! By removing the box, there are no restrictions to what we’re able to send to you.

Can I order more than one set?

Yes, you’re able to order more than one set of the same or different characters.

When does the LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set go on sale?

The LINE FRIENDS BOX- Character Set will go on sale April 15, 2019, 8:00 AM EST.

LINE FRIENDS BOX will be accepting orders until supplies run out. 

Do all sets have an early bird price?

The Early Bird sale is only applicable to Sets B and C (A+B).

I’ve just ordered my set, when can I expect my LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set to ship?

LINE FRIENDS BOX will be shipping the second week of May.

Due to high demand, we are expecting to sell out the LINE FRIENDS BOX - Character Set quickly, so we highly recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

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