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LINE FRIENDS BOX is a monthly subscription-based service that delivers a box filled with super cute, exclusive, unique, and fun items from characters from LINE FRIENDS, curated by Fever Guys, the team behind SnackFever, in partnership with LINE FRIENDS, a global character brand. Fever Guys and LINE FRIENDS are separate entities.

What do I get in my box? How many items do I get?

Every box is a surprise and will include 4 to 10 items over $120 worth of BROWN &FRIENDS and BT21 merchandise ranging from cute plushies, stationery, practical goods, and more! 

Can I choose what goes inside my box?

But, don't you love surprises? If you have any suggestions or feedback, simply let us know! We will, however, follow up with a survey to find out more about your preference.

Can I just get BT21 products in the box? Or just BROWN&FRIENDS?

Good question! The answer is...not yet but hopefully, very soon :).


    Do you ship to my country?

    Yes, we ship worldwide! However, there are a handful of countries not supported by Korea Post. If your country is not listed at checkout, unfortunately, we are unable to ship you a box.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is FREE. In other words, it's included in the price.

    When do you ship?

    Boxes are shipped once a month between the first and second week of the following month. So for example, if you order in January (1st through 31st 11:59 PM EST), your box gets shipped in February. If you order in February, your box gets shipped in March and so on.

    Do I get a tracking number?

    Yes, once we ship your box, we'll send you an email, message, or SMS with a tracking number.

    I received a broken or damaged item. What should I do?

    Oh no! If an item arrives broken or damaged, please contact our customer support team and we'd be happy to resolve the issue. Please send us a photo of the damaged item. Damages or blemishes to the actual box will not qualify for replacement. Please report any issues within 14 days of receipt. Depending on inventory, we will either send a replacement or credit your account.

    I made a mistake with my shipping address. What can I do?

    We ship once a month between the first and second week. Please make sure any address changes are done at least 7 days before the 1st of the month of shipment. This gives us enough time to prepare. If your package has already been shipped to the old/incorrect address, unfortunately, we won't be able to make any edits to the address. However, you can reach out to your local post office.

    PLEASE NOTE, if there are any returned boxes due to a mistake on the address made on your end, we will have to ask you for a re-shipping and handling fee.


      What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept all major credit and debit cards. We never store or receive your card details. They are securely stored on Paypal, our payment processors.

      When will I be billed?

      The first payment will be billed immediately. Your recurring billing date is determined by your original sign up date. For example, if you join on the 10th, your next payment will be billed and processed on the 10th of the month (do not worry, you can cancel the upcoming renewal at any time). 

      So for example, if you subscribed on September 10th, and you have a Month to Month subscription, you will be billed on October 10th, November 10th, and so on. If you sign up on the last day of the month, your renewal date will be on the last day of the month. 

      For multi-month (3, 6, or 12 month) subscription plans, renewal will occur automatically every 3, 6 or 12 months.

      You can check your renewal date from your account dashboard.

      Can I just purchase one box without subscribing?

      At this moment, we only offer recurring subscriptions. However, remember, you can cancel anytime before the next renewal. That way you will only be billed for one month's box.

      Can I pause my subscription?

      Yes! You can cancel and set your renewal date to any date in the future from your account dashboard -> "Manage Subscriptions".

      What is your subscription cancellation policy?

      To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account dashboard, go to "Manage subscriptions" and hit "Cancel" next to your subscription.

      Please note, canceling will only cancel the next renewal. You will still continue to receive any boxes remaining in your plan, and the cancellation will take effect at the end of your plan. Subscriptions are non-refundable as per our Terms of Service.

      Please make sure to cancel before the next renewal date (you can find this on your account dashboard under "Manage Subscriptions").

      If you need to cancel an order or make any changes, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll do our best to change the order. However, this is not guaranteed.

      Why was my subscription renewed? Can I get a refund?

      LINE FRIENDS BOX never charges you without your authorization. LINE FRIENDS BOX is a subscription service that renews automatically like many subscription services.

      We try to make it transparent on the website, account dashboard, and emails, but sometimes it gets missed. To skip your upcoming renewal or cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions on your account dashboard.

      Unfortunately, as per our Terms of Service, we won't be able to issue a refund for transactions that have gone through to our system. We apologize for the inconvenience but we hope you understand.

      You billed me twice before I received anything.

      In a minority of cases, you may be charged before receiving your first box but that is totally normal because shipping can take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks (95% of the time) after shipment, but to some countries with a less efficient postal service/customs system it may take longer (this is out of our control). Hope you understand. Thanks!

      Why is my card payment getting rejected/declined?

      There are many reasons why a card may be declined. 

      Below are some of the most common errors associated with declined cards and what they mean.

      2000: Do Not Honor

      A generic bank response which indicates simply that they are not willing to accept the transaction. The transaction may be declined due to a high level of recent activity on a card, a lack of matching AVS information, a card is over its limit or a range of other reasons which only the bank knows.

      Course of action: contact your bank to find out why they are declining the transaction.

      2001: Insufficient Funds

      The card doesn't have the available funds today but may be successful a different day.

      Course of action: add further funds to the account.

      2004: Expired Card

      This message indicates that the credit card has expired and is no longer active.

      Course of action: add a new card to your account.

      2015: Transaction Not Allowed

      This response indicates that the card issuing bank is declining the transaction for unspecified reasons. The response doesn't necessarily indicate that there is a problem with the card; however, it does indicate that the bank won't approve this transaction.

      Course of action: contact your bank to find out why they are declining the transaction.

      2046: Processor Declined

      This is a fairly generic response that many issuing banks will send back when declining a transaction. The transaction may be declined due to a high level of recent activity on a card, a lack of matching AVS information, a card is over its limit or a range of other reasons which only the bank knows.

      Course of action: contact your bank to find out why they are declining the transaction.

      Gateway Rejected - Fraud

      This error usually means that the card has another issue listed above, but if you keep attempting payments with the same declining card, it will become blocked for fraud.

      Course of action: identify any issues listed above and wait 24 hours before attempting payment again.

      Do you only accept US Dollars? 

      Yes, we only accept US Dollars, but you can pay with your own currency. Your bank/card company will process the currency exchange so the price may vary slightly. To find out how much (roughly) our boxes cost in your own currency, simply use Google or visit xe.com. Please note, banks usually charge around 3% transaction fee.

      e.g. Google "US Dollars to Euros"

      Can you combine discounts/coupons? 

      Unfortunately, we do not offer the possibility to combine discounts/coupons at this time. If you have a pre-sale discount for any subscription plan and wish to combine with another coupon offered, this will also be considered as "double dipping" or combining coupons and cannot be honored. 


      If you have any other questions, simply shoot us an email at hello@linefriendsbox.com or chat with us on Messenger.

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