[UPDATED] Pre-Launch Giveaway FAQ


Hello from the LINE FRIENDS BOX Team!

We just wanted to clear things up concerning our Pre-Launch Giveaway that took place back in December.

Before we ship out rewards, we wanted to thoroughly check the legitimacy of all referrals. Please understand that the platform we used for the Pre-Launch Giveaway enabled an advanced fraud detection system which allowed us to see any participants and/or referrals they provided to be false.

With the platform’s system in place, if individuals using your referral link had used a false or incorrect email, then system labeled you, the original referrer, as “fraud.” The LINE FRIENDS BOX team had placed trust in this system to be fair, but in the end, it did not take into account that the original referrer may have not been at fault and deemed them fraudulent anyway.  

For example, if someone that had signed up with your referral link used a false email, their referral was not counted and then you were then deemed “disqualified”.

The following situations counted as frauds:

  • False emails
    • Generated emails
    • Incorrect emails
    • Duplicate emails
  • Using VPNs

If you legitimately won a prize through our Pre-Launch Giveaway after our count, you should have received an email from us at the beginning of the month to confirm your shipping address. If you did not receive one, you have been unfortunately disqualified.

As this notice suggests, the platform that we used automatically labeled many of you as fraudulent. Given no reason to not trust the site, we went with the results it had given us. Moving forward, we were concerned at the number of people saying that they were supposed to get a gift and that they weren't trying to cheat the system. We decided to look into the situation and it was then that we realized how many participants were unfairly labeled as "high risk."

We are dedicated to correcting this situation by doing the following:

  • Confirming verified emails with our original email list. This will enable us to directly work with you to confirm the gifts that you earned.
  • Moving from the original third-party platform to a more reliable and sophisticated one.
    • It is no surprise that we've decided to end our usage of the first third-party platform to avoid any issues like this in the future. The new platform does enable us to pinpoint specific and detailed information if individuals are attempting to cheat.

If you feel as if the original system has failed you, please provide us with information through this link here

This form will be open from February 23rd to March 1st and we will be reaching out to those that respond starting February 25th.  

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of this situation and we would like to apologize once again for the inconvenience.

With love,





We will start shipping out the rewards by the end of February 2019.  We would really like to thank you for your patience! 
Please note and understand that we will only ship rewards to those who collected real emails. Unfortunately, our sophisticated platform detected that 75% of the emails collected during this period were either fake or incorrect. Even if you were not a "cheat", if someone used your link and kept signing up with fake emails, those would have been removed during the recount process. Even if you received a milestone achievement email (which was automated) or seen your rewards rack up on the website, if the emails you collected were not legitimate, sadly, after the recount process, they would have been removed and therefore the prize not honored. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused but we hope you understand that we cannot honor fraudulent sign-ups. 
If you have not received any email in February regarding confirmation of your prize, sadly, it means that some of the emails you collected were not legitimate, therefore not counted towards the prize.
How did the giveaway work? 
From December 20-25, 2018, everyone was invited to sign up for the Pre-Launch Giveaway that offered five (5) different rewards based on the number of referrals they were able to earn under a personal link that they were given. Every referral meant one (1) new person was added and their email address was counted.  For this event, one person = one email and no duplicates or fake emails were accepted. 
What were the rewards? 

How do I receive my rewards? 

We will ship your reward(s) straight to your door. Before we ship, we will send another email to confirm your address. 

How do I see how many rewards I got?

The Giveaway ended so you won't be able to login to see how many rewards you got. However, if you did win something, you should've received an email.

When are you shipping the rewards? 

The LINE FRIENDS BOX Prelaunch Giveaway rewards will start shipping end of February 2019. 

Are the rewards free? 

Yes! Whatever rewards you earned from participating in the giveaway are all free, including shipping! 

Why haven't I received any emails regarding my rewards?

We are working tirelessly to make sure that everyone who rightfully earned their rewards is noted, which does take time. Please understand that once we have everything confirmed, we will send you an email in February 2019. 

Why am I not receiving any emails? 

This could be due to a lot of reasons, but mostly due to typos in the email address (you won't believe how many typos we've seen!) or they end up in spam. Please check your spam folder too!

My friends signed up with my link, so why didn't my referral count go up? 

Since our system is automated, it filtered some emails that could have been replicated, false or already used to sign up. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a security measure that was put in place so that people would not take advantage of the event. 

I won multiple rewards, so do I only get one or all of them? 

Of course! You've worked hard and deserve what you earned. We'll make sure that all the rewards that you achieved will make it to you safe and sound. 

Is there a shipping fee? 

Nope! You do not have to pay a shipping fee for the rewards that you have earned. 


If you have any questions regarding LINE FRIENDS BOX, please refer to our FAQ page. 

Any other questions, chat with us on Messenger

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